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To request an interview, press kit or hi-res image email UBW Associate Producer, Lai-Lin Robinson, or call us in the office at 718.398.4537.


"Urban Bush Women channels a jazz genius with ‘Trane’." by Kati Schardl September 24,  2015 - Tallahassee Democrat

"Dancing, learning and debating for the black lives matter movement." by Shelby Hartman  July 30,  2015 - The Times-Picayune

"Powerful multimedia performances fuel 'black lives matter' conversation." by Shelby Hartman  July 27,  2015 - The Times-Picayune

"Urban Bush Women kick off 10-day 'Black Lives Matter' conversation." by Shelby Hartman  July 23,  2015 - The Times-Picayune


"Guiding and Gliding, the Urban Bush Women." by A.C. Lee  July 10,  2014 - 
The New York Times
 "Time for Summerstage..." by Robert Johnson  July 4,  2014 - NJ.com
 "Toasting 30 Years of Raw Exuberance." by Brian Schaefer June 27,  2014-The New  York Times
"A B.O.L.D. Approach to Community Engagement." by Kelsey Menehan June 4, 2014 - Chorus America
 "Smith & Associates Real Estate Welcomes The Urban Bush Women to Tampa Bay." by
Bob Glaser. March 28,  2014 - Smith & Associates Real Estate
 "Urban Bush Women Connect UT Community." March 27,  2014 - The University of Tampa
 "Jawole Willa Jo Zollar Wins Meadows Prize." by Mark Lowry February 16, 2014 -
 Theater Jones
"SMU's Meadows School of the Arts awards Annual Meadows Prize to choreographerJawole Willa Jo Zollar." February 12, 2014 - Meadows News
"Urban Bush Women dance their history." by Kati Schardl. February 12, 2014 -
Tallahassee Democrat
"Urban Bush Women Celebrate Thirty Years of Art & Struggle." by Mark Anthony Neal.
February 12, 2014 - Left of Black
"Urban Bush Women dance with FAMU students." by Nicole Tschetter. February 11, 2014 -Tallahassee Democrat
"Jawole Willa Jo Zollar: Coming together to create." February 11, 2014 -
Faith & Leadership

"A REVIEW: Urban Bush Women." by Susan Broili. February 8, 2014 - The Herald Sun
"Relevance, and a cloud of dust." by Chris Vitiello. February 8, 2014 - Indy Week
"Urban Bush Women are back." by Kati Schardl. February 7, 2014 - Tallahassee Democrat
"Dance company culminates residency with premiere." by Kathy Zhou. February 5, 2014 - Duke Chronicle
"Urban Bush Women take Durham." by Lightsey Darst. February 5, 2014 - Indy Week
"John Coltrane Inspires Urban Bush Women." by Susan Broili. February 4, 2014 - The Herald Sun
"Yvonne Rainer and Urban Bush Women at Focus Dance Festival." by Stephanie Sirabian. January 12, 2014 - Bachtrack
"The Dance Enthusiast Asks Urban Bush Women About Coming Back and Moving Forward." by A. Nia Austin-Edwards (ANAE). January 6,  2014 - The Dance Enthusiast 


               “Dance with a message displayed at Great Falls Forum.” by David Sargen. October 2013
               - Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal
               "Great Falls Forum to host Urban Bush Women." October 2013 - Lewiston-Auburn Sun


               “DANCE REVIEW: Plenty of talent, but still developing.” by Carrie Seidman. March 2013 –
               Arts Sarasota




"Modern-Dance History Times Five, With Plenty of Theatricality," by Roslyn Sulcas, December 2010 - The New York Times
"Five First Ladies of Dance' preview: Masters of movement team for celebratory tour," by Robert Johnson, December 2010 - Newark Star-Ledger
"REVIEW: Fly - Five First Ladies of Dance @ Oberlin 12/03/10," by Susan Schaul, December 2010 - Cool Cleveland
"U of M Dance students challenge stereotypes of 'black dance,'" by Sheila Regan, December 2010 - City Pages
"Dancing ladies take flight in performance at Oberlin College," by Donald Rosenberg, December 2010 - The Cleveland Plain Dealer
"FLY: Five First Ladies' hold a posture of maturity and grace," by Sarah Kaufman, November 2010  - The Washington Post
"Five First Ladies of Dance at the Kennedy Center Tonight," by Amanda Abrams, November 2010 - Washington City Paper
"Get to know 'Five First Ladies of Dance'," by Merilyn Jackson, October 2010 - The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Jawole Willa Jo Zollar explores early explorations into sensuality in new Urban Bush Women show," by Sheila Regan, October 2010 - by Sheila Regan Twin Cities Daily Planet
"'Uncensored' bares essence of women," by Caroline Palmer, October 2010 - StarTribune.com
"Everybody Dance," by John White, September 2010 - StoryCorps blog
"I am Urban Bush Women, hear me roar," by Melissa Wray, July 2010  - University of Minnesota Northrop blog
"On the money: TranscenDANCE youth arts project," by Janice Steingberg, July 2010  - The San Diego Union-Tribune
"Summer Arts review: Urban Bush Women," by Donald Munro, June 2010  - FresnoBeehive.com
"Dancing Through Tough Times," by Valerie Gladstone, June 2010  - TheRoot.com
"An 'Inspiration Lab' on South Oxford," by Tze Chun, May 2010 - New York Times, The Local
"So You Think It's African Dance," by Alastair MacCaulay, May 2010  - New York Times
"On Tour, U.S. Dancers Embrace Latin Rhythms," by Lauren Monson, May 2010  - America.gov
"It's Time to Bring Dance to the White House, and Obama Should Take the Lead," by Sarah Kaufman, April 2010- The Washington Post
"My Vision of Collaboration and Community," by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar, Spring 2010  - CSU Summer Arts Newsletter
"Soft Steps of Diplomacy," by Roslyn Sulcas, March 2010 - New York Times
"Danza afro-contemporánea este miércoles en el Adolfo Mejía," (in spanish) by Ajá Cartagena, March 2010  - urbanbushwomen.org
"Urban Bush Women," (in spanish), March 2010  - Estilio Baile
"Dark Magic: Urban Bush Women's Zollar: Uncensored," by Deborah Jowitt, February 2010  - The Village Voice
"Urban Bush Women: Celebrating 25 Years," by Selma Jackson, January 2010  - The Hill
"Urban Bush Women, Uncensored," by Evan, January 2010  - Dancing Perfectly Free
"Urban Bush Women, Moving Through a Defiant Past," by Claudia La Rocco, January 2010  - New York Times
"Urban Bush Women at Dance Theater Workshop in New York City," by Robert Johnson, January 2010  - Star Ledger
"Urban Bush Women rework classic pieces for 25th Anniversary," by Susan Reiter, January 2010  - New York Press
"Exporting Modern Dance," by Clare Croft, January 2010  - Dance Magazine





Restaging Shelter on National TV!
Restaging Shelter is airing on PBS stations until 2015 in many of the top U.S. markets including New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and Dallas.

Photo By Bruce Berryhill


This award-winning documentary directed by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) dance professor Martha Curtis and film director Bruce Berryhill features Urban Bush Women’s work Shelter and the process of teaching it to VCU students. 

*New Yorkers please ask WNET, your PBS station, 
to air
 Restaging Shelter HERE
CLICK HERE for more info on VCU 


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Nadine George Graves' book on UBW is now on sale at MoCADA and Greenlight Bookstore in Fort Greene, Brooklyn!


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