ubw homecoming campaign priorities

Copy of Les écailles de la mémoire (The scales of memory) Photo By Antoine Tempe 1 (1).JPG

Support of New Work

Funding UBW's future choreographic work will expand our body of bold, life-affirming dance works that serve as vehicles for self-expression and catalysts for social change. A new work reflective of our unique moment in history will also provide touring, restaging and residency income to UBW for years to come. Funding will also support the UBW Choreographic Center Initiative which supports women(+) of color choreographers as they create new work

Support of the SLI and BOLD

UBW’s largest potential for growth is in our pioneering community engagement work. We envision a future for BOLD workshops where a larger network of specially trained facilitators are working with nonprofit organizations, universities, K-12 schools and businesses for more in-depth engagements. We also seek to grow the SLI's infrastructure to ensure that the SLI community has opportunities to grow and learn together all year long.


Support of UBW organizational capacity

We are proud of the growth UBW has reached since its founding in 1984. UBW needs the administrative infrastructure to meet that growth and prepare for future opportunities and challenges. It is imperative that we shore up our communications, marketing and development capabilities to grow our network of audience members, community engagement participants and donors to keep them engaged with UBW.

UBW Legacy Fund

Income from the endowed UBW Legacy Fund will support the most pressing needs of UBW for generations. The UBW Legacy Fund will provide major donors and planned giving donors the opportunity to provide true sustainability for UBW.