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Batty Moves  by Ayano Hisa

Batty Moves by Ayano Hisa


In honor of Urban Bush Women’s 35th year anniversary, Legacy + Lineage + Liberation celebrates the power of Women+ in an evening of classic works that transcend genres and amplify the voices of Women(+) of color.

Hair & Other Stories  by C. Roesing

Hair & Other Stories by C. Roesing

These works still resonate today in the time of #MeToo and Black Lives Matter:

  • Give Your Hands to Struggle lyrically honors leaders from the Civil Rights era;

  • Visible imagines an immigrant’s search for story and a sense of self;

  • Women’s Resistance fuses power and grace in a call to collective action around truths that bind us all;

  • Batty Moves celebrates the Black female body in all its beauty, with music from a live drummer;

  • Girlfriends treasures the bonds Women(+) share in friendship;

  • I Don’t Know, but I Been Told, If You Keep on Dancin’ You Never Grow Old is an energetic mash-up of different dance forms that came out of Black neighborhoods, and features a live drummer.

These works have been unearthed, given new vision and strength, and are being sent forward to a new generation! In this dynamic evening, audiences are offered UBW’s great sense of musicality, and reflection inside of empathy and joy, and a gracious invitation to respond to what they’re experiencing--and to leave the theater energized and inspired. 

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Current Works

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Crafted from personal narratives from our communities, kitchens and living rooms, social media and YouTube, Hair & Other Stories debates the center of perceived American “values” and celebrates the persevering narrative of the African Diaspora.

Hair & Other Stories explores disquieting perceptions of body image, race, gender identity, economic inequities and what constitutes freedom, liberation, and release in our everyday struggles to rise to our Extra-ordinary Selves in extraordinary times.

This is the urgent dialogue of the 21st Century.


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"SCAT! is my story.  It is my family’s story. It is a personal and collective story of a family and a people, moving from the Jim Crow south during the Great Migration."  – Jawole Willa Jo Zollar

Set in a fictional jazz club, SCAT! is a dance-driven musical that tells a love story of two people making their way during the Great Migration through song, dance and storytelling. It is a powerful tale of one family and what happens when dreams encounter the realities of American life in the 40s & 50s. SCAT! features an original jazz score performed by a live band.

Choreographed by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar; Dramaturgy by Talvin Wilks; Original Music Composed and Performed by Craig Harris.

SCAT! is intended to be an immersive work, flexible in how it’s presented. Ideal venues are black box theaters or cabaret spaces, but proscenium theaters are also possible.


Walking with 'Trane

This piece offers two unique experiences, SIDE A and SIDE B, inspired by the musical life and spiritual journey of John Coltrane, a composer at the forefront of jazz innovation in a racially-charged America of the 50’s and 60’s. Informed by the unpredictability of the bandstand, the “Band State,” the scary, risky place that potentially extends into “transcendence,” this ethereal investigation lives within multiple layers of Coltrane’s music, Coltrane’s spirituality, Coltrane’s life…

SIDE A: JUST A CLOSER WALK WITH ‘TRANE, is a conjuring of Coltrane’s essence, based in rooted understandings of his music and “known” traditions pushed into heightened performance “states,” from cool to hot, from ancient field hollers to gospel cadences, strange reed riffs drive a spiraling physical journey through echoes of the blues, bebop, hard bop, free jazz, scored in a dazzling array by Phillip White.

SIDE B: FREED(OM), is a free-fall suite of “states,” exploring the artistic imprint of Coltrane’s A Love Supreme, a riff on pursuance, plunging into the depths of Coltrane’s formidable legacy with diagonal pulls, suspended silences, chaotic spirals, and ultimately, transcendence, inside of a masterful musical composition by George Caldwell played live.




For all inquiries including New York City metropolitan area performances and national/international keynotes, lectures and panels, contact Michelle Coe. 


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